Technical Analysis Forex Trading Aussie long

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013

By David Ruscelli


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Today with our mathematical trading method, we closed another position in profit, bringing home many other pips. Would you like to be able to pocket between 800 to 3000 pips every month? Find out how in the presentation page of our non-directional mathematical method.


Technical Analysis Forex Trading Aussie long

 Speaking of technical analysis forex trading, we have an opportunity with price action forex.



Aussie is the nickname given by experts of the forex foreign currency market to indicate the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar.

In the daily chart there’s a possible trade based on a bullish trend which I identified while looking at the daily chart. Going down the line by 4h, you will see a juicy opportunity for profit.

A nice looking pin bar or hammer, in favor of the bullish trend and leaning over mobile averages (on the daily chart).

Here we will go in buying mode with a final target of 1,0600. A very sizable risk reward.


 aussie 4 hours



There is congestion over the US dollar against yen, with a doji candlestick of support above 94.30 in favor of the main bullish trend (devaluation of the yen). It is OK to buy until we reach our target resistance of 99.14.


 dollar yen forex


This is all for today, have a good trading…

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