At the beginning there was a plan…

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013

By Luke Macumber

A daily fundamental view to making you a better trader (step by step)


forex analysis

You need to develop your OWN view on which way you think the market is going.  Whether it is right or wrong it doesn’t matter as long as you own it. 

Why?  Because you will learn more and you are probably more likely to listen to what you have to say!


Step 1:  Check out the last 20 minutes hüpfburg kaufen of the US Session & see what’s been driving the market.  Listen to the commentary on the announcements.  (eg. Bloomberg TV).

Step 2:  Check the main headlines.  What, in your view, drove markets?(eg. CNBC,


Step 3:  Review an Economic Calendar and check – What’s News Today?  Note times with news of high & medium importance.  These times will always be a catalyst for a market move.

(eg. DailyFX)


Do this every single day & you will begin to develop, not just any view, but Your View!

Stay tuned for the next piece of the puzzle…

Luke Macumber

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