David Ruscelli

David Ruscelli forex trader e trainer di strategie forex


My name is David Ruscelli. I’m a full time trader. I trade with price action, non directional method and technical analysis.

I’m first if all trader, and trainer. I feel a big gratification every time that at the end of the week I count my profits and see how many dollars I squeezed to the market. I love to trade, my favourite markets are Forex, but also CFD and financial index. They are very technical markets and they can let profit very much. In fact I’m a techical trader, I love techical analysis and price action as well as Non Directional Trading


- Founder & CEO Forex Strategico

- Hedge Fund Manager on Alpari Limited

- Tutor Non Directional Trading

- Price Action Trader

- Author of many websites as Forex Trading Italia, Forex Info, Fx Empire