Forex trading signal price action analysis

Posted by on Aug 10, 2012

By David Ruscelli

Another session of techical analysis looking daily charts and trading on forex, CFD and indexes using price action and technical analysis.

Today who followed yestarday’s price action signal on NZD/USD got a loss, rather with non-directional trading strategy  we did a profit again, as usual. non-directional strategy is confirmed the best trading system, better than price action and technical analysis.


Eur broken 1,2330 support, now we’re waiting a (very probably) a break confirmation for tomorrow. Eventually tomorrow we’re gonna watch the chart for a price action signal short, so we’ll sell euro against us american dollars.






 As I said about kiwi, yesterday’s NZD/USD pin bar signal has been falsed from today’s japanese red candle. In fact the signal was not in a really good place, it wasn’t perfect. Now the price is in a good position, better than yesterday and if we’ll see a signal here it’s gonna be more reliable, so we could be the chance to recover the loss. I remember that with non-directional strategy, that’s the trading strategy I use at the most, today we got a very good profit, as usual. non-directional system never mistake.



That’s it for today have a good trading!


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