Forex trading analysis

Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

By David Ruscelli

forex market analysis price actionI’m proud to announce that from toady on this site will be available for my own price action analysis of the Forex Trading and CFD markets, moreover you’ll find our forex non-directional strategy performance report. You can learn forex trading and non-directional trading stratey by requesting the non-directional trading course.

I hope to become a reference point for all people involved in technical analysis. As you know technical analysis is  the key in order to understand how the market will move in the forex trading, in fact in this site I’ll publish analysis, videoanalysis, and lessons, FOR FREE.

My target is to give a support to the forex traders community, traders who every day work in the forex markets as me, with passion, constance, and discipline.

Ok you’re officially  invited to visit my blog.

Thanks a lot, have a good reading.