Invest in the stock market or in banks?

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012

By Fabiano Trevisiol

 Investing in the stock market or invest in banks?

Going to invest in the Bank or maybe in bonds our money, are going to be use without our knowledge to invest in the stock market, in currency markets or in other types of more profitable investments, using the leverage and earning much higher percentages than when are offered to us customers, in practice the crumbs. This regardless of any kind of product, which is a save account, treasury bonds or any other type

That’s why my advice is to act by your self, to avoid banks because they are not interested to do our interests, this seems to me that now is more than demonstrated by the facts of recent times. Investment in stocks market can be a type of an alternative investment but unfortunately the stock market are driven, by strong hands that moves titles with great facility and they taking all small shareholders. One of the markets that are less affected by this problem is forex, interbank market, currency trading in the forex market you invest into a market whose volumes are so high that it’s much harder to manipolate markets like the classic stock.

To do forex trading markets simply means exchange one currency for another. You can do it from home on the Internet by connecting to the exchange market.

This allows us to take advantage of the exchanges value of currencies throughout the day without investing our own money but just using those providing form the intermediary, the forex brokerTo know what is a forex broker, go to this page of the section guide to forex trading.

Working in forex you simply need a small amount of money, defined margin, and then you can take advantage of the leverage to make transactions in the currency market, just as do the banks. Then an investment much more profitable than investing in the stock market, Banks or in bonds.

My advice is not to invest in banks, not to invest in the stock market, not to invest in bonds. My advice is to learn to speculate exactly how the banks do, in the forex market. To do this you need some preparation, you should not to enter into this market just because how you can get big profits you can even have large losses. My advice is to prepare your self, doesn’t take any particular talent, just some preparation. To do this on this site there are some important resources.

Forex trading guide.

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