Technical Forex Analysis: how to prevent losses from traditional trading.

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013

By David Ruscelli

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Technical Forex Analysis: how to prevent losses from traditional trading.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 there will be the IFO index, the criteria which indicates how much the entrepreneurial world trusts the current economy, this is a data which is listed in the economic calendar and if it will be dramatically different from the forecast, could trigger much volatility on the forex pairs which include EUR currency.


 We took a loss: how to prevent taking a loss in trading?

The possible trade I had hypothesized a few days ago, hit a stop loss today. This is normal for traditional trading, very complex and which inevitably requires accepting losses, but taking losses can be avoided. Would you like to avoid losses while trading? Would you like to be able to trade in a relaxed and simple way? Would you like to be a part of a network of people who work with forex in an organized and professional way, such as to prevent useless losses? Would you like to be a part of the 10% of people who regularly profit by trading and not only once in a while?  

There is a way, there is a mathematical method, professional, non-directional, a simple strategy which tremendously facilitates trading, it will help you making a profit in an organized manner to avoid useless losses, it is a method which is professional, organized and serious, handled exactly how professional traders from big banks do. For additional information please visit this page, dedicated to the mathematical non-directional method.   


GBP/USD and our LOSS

With traditional trading methods you will hit losses, we just had an example, a favorable signal of trend which was distorted and caused us to suffer a loss. Unfortunately pricing does not always follow trend, its discretion is often cause of many headaches for traders who trade the standard way, in fact 90% of individuals who attempt it fail. With our mathematical method it would not have happened without signals, without having to comply with any kind of service where someone tells you what to do, simply following a SERIOUS and RELIABLE trading strategy.  

Going back to traditional trading, we see the formation of a micro resistance, but in truth over this forex pair nothing can be done until the support at 1,5300 will be reached or if a specific price action signal appears in an obvious way.


cable forex loss



On the euro dollar we are heading close to a major congestion, there is a resistance above at 1,3000, ideally we should be seeing a short signal in favor of the main trend at this very height.


 euro dollar forex


Thank you everyone, GOOD TRADING! 


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