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A Professional Trader must worry only to be efficient and profitable

from today think only to get profits.

PA Opportunity evolution v 2.3 will find the price action signals on the charts for you


My name is Daniele Angellotti . I have been dealing with trading for several years and I operate using the principles of the Price Action. Obviously my goal is to be profitable in the long run but, some time ago, I realized that I did not want to spend too much time in front of the chart just to search the best trading signal.

In fact, my daily routine consisted in looking for the operating setup on 14 charts Daily and in as many set on  H4 timeframe (four hour) that I kept monitoring. I created two different profiles to track 28 charts in total. Every four hour in the evening, before going to bed, I used to open the platform  and, patiently, I used to look for for
Pinbar, Engulfing or Inside bar formed in relevant areas on the chart.

I used to spend a lot of time on the platform. Looking for signals on 28 charts wasn’t an easy task. I got tired and bored of that routine.

Sometimes, I realized the next day, having lost one or more interesting signals.  

That’s why I put myself at work thanks to my programming skills. The idea was to create a system that monitories automatically, all charts and timeframes that I wanted to keep tracked. Moreover, this system would warn me if it would find one pattern of Price Action that I wanted (Pinbar, Engulfin, Inside bar).

So, only if I have received an alert, I would spent my time by opening the chart and analyse the opportunity of trading. With this tool, the trader’s job is not to waste time looking for known patterns  but rather contextualized them to verify if the trade respect particular requirements or should be discarded.

Do a search of the pattern on a single pattern is not difficult at a level of programming. But search for an arbitrary number of user-selectable on exchanges on all timeframe, it has not been easy, but it would been an important save of time.

And so is born…



“I used to open the platform, inspecting all charts on my list one by one on different timeframes, taking note of the possible opportunities. This job took very long time and energy, it was necessary and I was doing it with discipline, because it was part of my job as a professional trader. Anyway a professional trader adopt all the tools in order to improve and optimize the job.”



“Now the manually searching of signals is no longer required. I open the platform and the forex trading indicator  PA OPPORTUNITY Evolution tells me exactly where to focus my attention . Sure, the contextualization of signals and the decision on what to do are still my choice. I always have to do to myself the analysis of key levels and trends , but since I can delegate the search of the price action patterns to the PA OPPORTUNITY Evolution the analysis of the market it has incredibly improved. Now I am a better trader because I have more time and energy available to be used for analyse just the charts where there are real opportunites .”


Do you have any idea what it means for a professional trader to don’t waste time searching for the signals on tens or hundreds of charts? Let me tell you: it means really focus on real opportunities that the market offers to you without stress yourself wasting your time. The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 monitors up to 28 currency pair simultaneously, and for every pair, you can keep monitor any timeframe from minutes to months, even all together.

If you add all the timeframe, this means, that the PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 can monitor up to 252 charts at the same time just in a single window! Do you think that’s powerful enough? Can YOU do the same?


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Price Action Indicator


Below I show you the interface of  PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3. Consider in this example are enabled only 9 pairs on 28 that you can activate.

See how many potential signals the indicator is finding for you!



The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 show you only the best trading opportunities through a simple colour code. Red for a bearish signal, green for a bullish signal and gray for no signal. That’s it. With a simple look you can find out which and how many signals there are in the charts that the PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 keeps monitored for you…

PA Opportunity works for you in the while you’re doing something else…


During the develop of PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 I have not spared time, because I wanted a complete tool,  able to provide the most important information to operate on the market, and able to really simplify my life.

Here are all the great features in the new version of  PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3.


You can toogle these features individually according to your needs and wants.

This means that you will actually build the indicator as you like, by activating only the features that you need.

A professional tool must be at the service of the trader, don’t you think?

Are you worried because you think that keeping tabs on so many pairs and timeframes, a lot of charts to control, you may lose some signal? Not anymore.

The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 is born to alert all signals: you can’t lose anymore a signal. Why? Very simple: The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 is made with 3 different type of alarms and notifications that alert you of any signal on the controlled charts.

The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 will notify you the type of the signal, on which pair and timeframe. Your job, as a trader, is just to open the chart, analyse the signal, and decide whether and how to enter the trade. That’s it. At the rest think PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3.


The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 have 3 different type of alerts systems:



The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 also incorporates other features that make it a professional tool, sophisticated and extremely effective. In a single window, this indicator will give all the information you need to turn your trading into a real and profitable business.

Thanks to a modular structure, all features of PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 can be activated or deactivated according to your needings. In this way you can implement the interface that best suits your trading style.


The Trend Scanner is a feature that can be extremely useful to recognize quickly the trend an all pairs and time frames at the same time.

Through a simple red or green arrow you know the state of all monitored charts and an overview of the market, so in case of multiple signals you will choose the best pair to trade.

The signals on trend are generally much more reliable. The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 allows you to find quickly and efficiently these type of signals.


For you, I wanted to make a really complete tool. In fact, the  features of PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 are a lot more.

Continue reading and find out how the PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 is a real control  station for your trading.

The Price Action Trading has never been easier.


The Spread Detector is another feature of PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3.

It displays the spread to every pair tracked.

You can decide which is the maximum value of the spread that the PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 must notify you as “normal”.

If the spread on a certain pair exceeds the maximum, the indicator  display it in  a different colour  so you know immediately  that the spread of that pair raised the limit.



With the Technical Analysis  and Price Action Trading, you will need to track the most important price key levels.

Support and Resistance
are essential elements of an effective trading and based on specific concepts.

To know if the price is near to a support or resistance is a relevant information to follow your trading plan.

PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3 shows you all the Key Level in all the tracked pairs.

The PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3, in fact, incorporates the sophisticated technology Level Proximity” that keeps you up to date on the Key Levels Daily, Weekly and Monthly.



The Extension Power is one of the most powerful innovation included in the PA Opportunity Evolution v2.3.

This is a function that inform you if the pair you are monitoring have reached the number of pips on the daily average.

How to you use this information?

If a pair is still far from the number of PIPs that runs on average, then on that pair you can still make a lot of profit.

Otherwise if it reached the average level, then you might consider the movement exhausted and you might decide to turn the attentions to another potentially and more profitable pair.

And this is just an example of use!


249,00 €


one time payment


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I am sure that, thanks to new powerful features introduced in PA Opportunity Evolution, these people will be even more satisfied.

This is my goal: provide a valuable tool to reduce downtime and avoid to lose the best signals that the market offers to you.


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If you want to become a professional Forex Trader
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249,00 €

one time payment


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P.S. PA Opportunity is an indicator for Price Action Traders that will save you a lot of time and is designed to facilitate the job of forex traders during their daily activities

P.P.S. In a single tool you’ll have the power of an Indicator able to track up to 252 graphs at the same time.

A tool like this is unique and never seen before.