Trading silver with technical analysis

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012

By David Ruscelli

This post in italian

Welcome to the usual evening technical analysis of the forex market, cfd and indexes with price action trading using charts mainly on daily time frame.

On forex markets nothing relevant to trade. Yen is going on important levels with a remarkable compression, I hope it could develop a good price action signal in the next few days in order to trading and have profits. Further informations on the next analysis sessions in case of obvious trading setups.



Nice upcandle today on this CFD, it breakout the resistance, we trade going on target on the circled area of the chart. Note the temporary uncorrelation with gold, it rised up less then silver, it stays under the resistance and keep the range, rather silver seems could grow in the next few days. Someone says silver’s gonna be a good long term investment, could be profitable to own silver in the next monthes and years, we’ll see, in the while  this small movement could give us some pips with a daily trading opportunity.




That’s all for today, have a good trading!

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